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Transforming the actuarial profession

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Transforming the actuarial profession
  • 12 November 2018

Transforming the actuarial profession

I was privileged to be invited to attend the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Association of South African Black Actuarial Professionals (ASABA). Kgadiso Mokonyane,  current President, opened the evening explaining that the purpose of the evening was to celebrate the Association and what it has achieved. She introduce the first speaker, past President and founding secretary of ASABA, Ranti Mothapo. He opened by saying Asaba was formed to spearhead transformation in the actuarial profession in South Africa. He said he wished for the pace of transformation to increase. However, it does not happen overnight. There has to be a strategy to achieve this over a period of time. Transformation should not happen through the exclusion of anybody regardless of their race. He stressed that we need to move forward as one happy nation where the aim is inclusivity of all. BEE is a good example of the fact that transformation is an ongoing process. A company does not acquire a BEE status and it lasts forever. They need to continue working at it and updating it. If they don’t they will regress to the past status quo.

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