ASABA Mentorship

The ASABA/Liberty Mentorship Programme is the Association’s flagship programme providing meaningful and tangible benefits to previously disadvantaged students. Liberty began sponsoring the programme in 2008, and more than 600 students from various universities around the country have benefitted.

This programme allows actuarial professionals to assist and mentor university students and provide a support structure to previously disadvantaged students. The members of ASABA are fully aware of challenges facing these students, and therefore work to create an equal “playing field” for this demographic. While, students of all races can participate in the mentorship programme activities, preference is given to students from disadvantaged backgrounds for the one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Students participating in the mentoring sessions will have an opportunity to regularly meet with their mentors in order to share their challenges and triumphs. This will help them to gain the insights on the examination processes and study techniques. In addition, they will gain knowledge of the practical application of their actuarial studies. Their relationships with their mentors will also create occasions to network with other professionals and provide the participating students with career development awareness and possible job opportunities.