ASABA Memberships

Members range from actuarial students, associates, fellows and corporate members.

General members

Individuals who are engaged in public, private, or government actuarial and related work who have obtained a recognised qualification from a University or are recognised by the actuarial profession or the Association to have demonstrated equivalent professional competence or education in actuarial science or related disciplines. Members have voting rights with regards to the affairs of the Association.

Corporate members

Any company, firm, institution or organisation that supports the aims and objectives of the Association. Corporate members shall not have the right to vote.

Student members

Undergraduate full-time students at a recognised University who are majoring in actuarial science or who have expressed an intention to enter the actuarial profession; or Graduate full-time students at a University who hold a Baccalaureate degree in actuarial science or who are pursuing a graduate degree with concentration in actuarial science, or related disciplines.

High school learners who want to pursue actuarial science.

Associate and Fellow members

Associate and Fellow members of the Actuarial Society of South Africa and its affiliates

Benefits of being a member:

As an individual ASABA Member, professionals at all stages of their careers are offered the opportunity to:

  • Further their own professional development through the various platforms and training and development programmes initiated by ASABA.
  • Get opportunities to network with fellow professionals with years of experience from various areas.
  • Get access to engage with industry leaders.
  • Be instrumental in creating awareness about the profession.
  • Play a role in transforming the actuarial profession.

As an ASABA Corporate Member, companies at all stages of their careers are offered the opportunity to:

  • Participate in the substructures of the Association.
  • Offer financial support to ASABA, its programmes and beneficiaries.
  • Online and print opportunities to advertise vacancies through ASABA.
  • First access to driven students and professionals who have been mentored and participated in ASABA programmes.
  • Play an instrumental role in the transformation of the profession and financial services sector as a whole.
  • PBe a part of networking opportunities with other organisations, key professionals and policymakers.
  • Advertise the organisation as one which contributes to and is committed to transformation.