The Actuarial Women’s Committee provides a meeting place for qualified and aspiring female actuaries. It originally started as a lunch table, meant to connect female actuarial professionals and to provide a platform for them to empower and uplift one another.

The AWC's objectives are:

  • To increase the number of females who pursue an actuarial career (Sub-Committee: Outreach)
  • To increase the number of qualified female actuaries in South Africa (Sub-Committee: Education)
  • To promote the advancement of female actuaries in the workplace (Sub-Committee: Mentorship)
  • To provide a forum in which aspiring female actuaries can network and identify sponsors (Sub-Committee: Events)
  • To develop female actuarial leaders in the industry including increasing the number of females undertaking actuarial research (Sub-Committee: Leadership Development)
  • To increase the number of females undertaking actuarial research (Sub-Committee: Research Development)

In addition to the objectives aligned sub-committees, we have the following supporting functions:

  • Secretary General and Treasurer: Supports the Chair with the administration and operations of the AWC, as well as budgeting and management of spend.
  • Head of Branding and Social Media: Responsible for branding of all external communications and management of our social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook).
  • Head of Communications: Driving the ideas and content for the regular AWC Newsletter and serving as its editor in chief thereof.

In the following sections we will share more details on the various sub-committees with regards to the purpose of the sub-committee and the current initiatives within it.

How can you get involved?

Follow us on social media and sign up for our initiatives!

If you are keen to join the committee or to volunteer for specific initiatives, please email us on