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About Us

History of ASABA

The Association of South African Black Actuarial Professionals (ASABA) was established in ...

The Association of South African Black Actuarial Professionals (ASABA) was established in March, 2005 to address the dearth of actuarial and quantitative skills amongst previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa, by initiating a mutually beneficial set of skills development interventions. ASABA was created to directly tackle these issues through commitment, both as individuals and as an organization, and establishment of three key functions: a holistic mentoring capability; a vacation work placement scheme; and a duty to make the actuarial profession in South Africa more accessible and inclusive of all races.

During 2005 the Association established a presence in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, ASABA immediately began to implement its vision through the launch of a number of programmes and initiatives, including the mentorship programmes for university students at the University of Witwatersrand (WITS) and the University of Cape Town (UCT), through the success of the growing vacation work pilot project with a small group of participating employers.

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To promote training and technical education in the actuarial profession; To establish a fund to ...

  • To promote training and technical education in the actuarial profession;
  • To establish a fund to provide scholarships, bursaries, awards and loans to study, research and teaching related to or from the benefit of the actuarial profession;
  • To provide career guidance and counselling services to persons attending secondary or tertiary school or other accredited higher education institutions;
  • To create awareness of the work, objectives and ideals of ASABA and the actuarial profession in the Black community.
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Our vision

To realise a South African actuarial profession that represents the demographics of South Africa.


ASABA programmes are structured to provide assistance to university students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds as well as support for Actuarial students and professionals. We run programmes such as: mentorship, programmes aimed at female aspiring actuaries, community outreach and upliftment programmes and vacation work aimed at exposing students to the actuarial field amongst others.

ASABA Mentorship 01

The ASABA/Liberty Mentorship Programme is the Association’s flagship programme providing meaningful and tangible benefits to previously disadvantaged students. Read more

ASABA Schools Outreach 03

The Schools committee is an arm of ASABA which focuses on engaging currently enrolled students to increase the awareness of the actuarial profession, Read more

ASABA Actuarial Women’s committee 02

The Actuarial Women’s Committee provides a meeting place for qualified and aspiring female actuaries. Read more

ASABA Vacation Work 05

Through projects targeting high schools, tertiary students and entry-level jobs in the industry, ASABA promotes the development of Black actuarial professionals. Read more

ASABA Community Upliftment 04

This programme, created in 2015, uses the financial training and expertise of ASABA’s current members to uplift disadvantaged Read more

ASABA Membership 04

Register for ASABA membershp. Types of ASABA membership: General, Corporate, Student (High School, Graduate, Undergraduate), Associate and Fellow. Read more

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Tue 16 Jun 2020 Youth Day Holiday
Tue 2 Jun 2020 Mental Wellness Masterclass with Debbie Wheal Event
Sun 31 May 2020 Pentecost Holiday
Thu 28 May 2020 Mentorship Session with Tafara Dakwe Event
Thu 21 May 2020 Ascension Day Holiday

Executive Committee

Memory Zimba - President

Memory Zimba - President

Like Alice, Alice in Wonderland, “sometimes she believes in as many as six impossible things before breakfast”.

Tshegofatso Sekgwele - President-Elect

Tshegofatso Sekgwele - President-Elect

Tshegofatso is a Funding and Liquidity Associate at LibFin, a centre of excellence for the management of Liberty Group’s market

Nabeelah Kolia - Chair of the Actuarial Women’s Committee

Nabeelah Kolia - Chair of the Actuarial Women’s Committee

Nabeelah is a qualified Actuary with over 6 years of experience; predominantly in the

Annual Sponsorship Packages

Platinum Sponsor
R250 000.00
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Diamond Sponsor
R200 000.00
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Gold Sponsor
R150 000.00
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Silver Sponsor
R100 000.00
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Bronze Sponsor
R65 000.00
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Conference Sponsor
Various Options

The Association has an Annual conference and Gala dinner evening that offers opportunities to companies to sponsor and grow their brand among the actuarial community.

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